“Ben Martin is an exclusive brand of induction cookers in all possible forms.”

More than ten years ago Maes Inox started designing the Ben Martin induction ovens. To achieve this it embarked on intensive partnerships with a number of different chefs and the result is an unparalleled induction stove. You can choose from different designs all made in ultra high-quality RVS stainless steel. With the most powerful induction stoves on the market, a seamless fit and finish, Ben Martin is the crème de la crème and perfectly suited to meet all the needs of the most demanding chefs who are not prepared to make any compromises.

“Ben Martin stands for Power, functionality and Design”

We can modulate any Ben Martin induction stove to fit in with your kitchen. Both the stove top as well as the lower element are specially designed so that they meet the specific conditions you need to prepare the dishes you present on the menu of your restaurant. They are very practical to operate and thanks to the different design of the knobs, there are no problems when it comes to using the different functions.