Ben Martin induction stoves

We are extremely proud to present the most innovative induction stove! The stove with the most powerful induction, by far the thickest cooking surface and the longest guarantee. We will be more than happy to show how you can include this stove in the design of your total kitchen. When designing the Ben Martin induction stove, we took a very careful look at the needs of modern chefs. Clearly organised functions, security, customisation, power and image were the most important elements that emerged from our studies. And these are translated into the unique production characteristics of Ben Martin induction stoves. Each stove is designed individually and made by hand. Chefs can decide on the design and execution themselves therefore. Even induction with a slide system is a possible option. There are no limits to the design possibilities and only top-quality materials are used.

  • Alto Shaam drawers are built in for user-friendliness.
  • A built-in spoon drawer with running water; hygienic and handy.
  • RVS stainless steel operating buttons; robust.
  • The teppenyaki plate is supplied with a special water feature. The special alloy of the reflective plate guarantees maximum heat transfer.

The unequalled design with build in induction plates combined with the beautifully and seamless translucent surface guarantee operational clarity and security. Ben Martin is the most innovative brand with the best price/quality ratio.

Years of design experience

Ben Martin induction stoves are customised and made in high-quality RVS stainless steel. You can choose from different sorts of designer stainless steel. Ben Martin has secured a strong market position thanks to its very powerful induction and the seamless fit of the equipment into kitchens. Design on the Ben Martin induction stoves started ten years ago. The combination of this intensive period of gathering experience, the expertise that we have acquired , the intensive application of the latest techniques and ongoing research into the needs and requirements of chefs have resulted in an induction stove of unparalleled quality that has qualities that will appeal to all!

The most important assets of a Ben Martin induction stove are:

  • Attractive design
  • Professional look
  • Functional
  • Ergonomic
  • In harmony with kitchens
  • Hygienic
  • Durable
  • Customisable

Cooking hob of the induction stove

Ben Martin is taking the lead in an increasingly innovative market! We offer a wide choice of induction stoves. A slide induction and wok are just a few of the many possibilities within the wide range. The induction hobs are always inset into the stove so that the stove retains its sleek design. We also offer a wide range of teppenyaki plates in different sizes and with different functions. It is very easy to use all the different functions of the induction stove. It is also possible to have a ‘push drawer’ in the stove. One press on the spacious drawer and it opens up from the work surface. Dirty spoons? Knives? Whisks? Mixers? There is also a unique spoon washing unit. All dirty cutlery can be hidden away from the work area. With a wide assortment if high-pressure taps, you can easily adapt the possibilities of your induction stove to match the design of your kitchen. A Roner, pasta cooker, bain-marie and deep-fat fryer are just a few of the options that can be installed seamlessly into the work surface.

Lower element of the induction stove

It is possible to also customise the lower element of your Ben Martin induction stove. Maes Inox offers you a wide range of possibilities such as:
  • Chests of drawers
  • Cupboards with sliding doors
  • Cupboards with swivel doors
  • Heating trolleys
  • Draws for herbs and bottles
  • Alto Shaam Cook & Hold drawers
  • Vacuum machine
  • GN gliders
  • Fridge and freezer with up to four compartments and doors and/or drawers

The stove stands on a RVS stainless steel plinth and when the upper part and the bottom elements are well matched, you have created your own new and unique Ben Martin induction stove.